Chief Financial Officer

London, England, United Kingdom · Accounting & Finance


Softomotive is a leading worldwide provider of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 8,000 companies worldwide. With offices in London, New York, Athens, and Bengaluru, and with €25 million in venture funding, Softomotive doubled in size the past year and continues to grow at a rapid pace. To support this growth, we continue to expand and invest in our future workforce. We are the only provider of process automation technology to offer a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growth companies, and large enterprises.

We are seeking to hire a CFO that will be a member of the Global Executive team based in our London office. The CFO will be instrumental in helping the organization manage all of the financial aspects of our subsidiaries on a global level, including sources of funds, investments, controls and accounting, across all businesses and geographical lengths, in order to maximize shareholder value. The CFO will report to the CEOs.

Core Responsibilities:

  • To continuously evaluate and support the strategic position of the company from a financial standpoint, and work to increase value and minimize risk taking into account long-term operational goals, budgets and forecasts.
  • To strategically structure and optimize the sources of financial capital of the company. Also, to evaluate alternative sources of capital which may offer greater value.
  • To effectively communicate, engage and interact with the BOD, C-levels and CEOs and also offer his/her expertise to allow for sound decisions by same.
  • To ensure that the financial operation of the company is as efficient as possible, well controlled and functions in a way that promotes business under calculated risk.
  • To manage a multitude of financial operations and functions, including managing financial planning, analysis and reporting, by overseeing the creation of reports, software implementation and tools for budgeting and forecasting.
  • To implement policies, procedures and processes as deemed appropriate by the senior leadership team.
  • To understand the business context and parameters, as well as to set the parameters of operation, which will allow business growth under financially controlled conditions by creating and establishing yearly financial objectives that align with the organization’s plan for growth and expansion.
  • To manage the operation in order to be able to present a clear accounting state, including establishing best practices for revenue recognition. To manage relationships with external accounting/ auditing firms in order to retain their endorsement on the financial operation and outlook of the company.
  • To set the principles, main processes and philosophy of operation, and set guidelines with his direct reports in all the operational units of the company, as well as interact with and bring the finance department into line with Board of Directors’ plans, initiatives and recommendations.
  • To manage cash flow for the company at a local and international level, as well as in terms of currency or country specific risk where applicable.
  • To manage the accuracy and reliability of information regarding all operations, both for his own use as well as reported to the CEO, the Board of Directors and third-party institutions.
  • To be able to manage multiple stakeholders including the board of directors, the owners, the CEO, the internal organization, strategic partners of the group (vendors and business partners, as well as financial and government institutions.
  • To plan for tax treatment of the group according to local laws, as well as the laws of the countries of the group’s operation.
  • To guide the development of IT infrastructure with regard to the efficiency of financial operations, as well as the accuracy and needed detail of information.
  • To retain the strategic outlook of the company with regard to investments. To evaluate the group’s positions with regard to investments from a business as well as a financial standpoint and advise on the financial integrity of new ventures as well as the long-term financial return of current investments.
  • To manage or participate in negotiations which will allow the company to enter or exit its positions in specific ventures.
  • To negotiate with financial institutions both in Greece as well as abroad, be able to manage their confidence to the group, secure their support. Also, to evaluate them as strategic partners and how their own structure will contribute to the risk of the Company.
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    We are offering a competitive compensation and benefits package based on experience. We are providing the opportunity for you to work with us on challenging projects utilizing the latest technologies in the RPA space.

    Softomotive is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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